Christian Values



At our school we believe that prayer is an important part of being a Christian.

Prayer is a central feature of life at Drayton Junior School because we believe that it not only provides a way of behaving which is kind and loving, but rooted in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, who is the Saviour of all. This understanding runs through everything we do: the way adults relate to each other and with children, and the way we encourage children to behave towards everyone.

Prayer is a way of both speaking to God and listening to Him. We speak to him when we say prayers, and these might be prayers of thanks, prayers when we ask Him for something, when we pray for someone else, or say sorry for what we have done wrong. We listen to God by reflecting on what we have seen and heard, and by hearing in our prayers what we should be asking for, or thanking Him for. Jesus told us: “WHEN you pray…”

What we do

At our school, we share a prayer – grace- before lunch and at the end of each daily act of collective worship.

At lunchtime:

Before lunch each class gives thanks for their food by saying grace. This could be by using a traditional prayer – see below- or one that the children have created.

For what we are about to receive,
May the Lord make us truly thankful.

We also light a candle as part of our assembly: we do this because a candle is a symbol of Jesus, the light of the world, and because the candle carries on burning, carrying on our prayer, even when we are not speaking. It is also a visible sign that worship has begun.

At the end of our assembly, we blow out the candle to bring that act of worship to a close.

Further Information

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