Drayton Junior School Magazine – ISSUE SIX OUT NOW

thumbnail of Draytonian Issue 6As we are all apart and having to spend time away from everyone at school, I would like to put together a regular digital magazine that would be sent out to all of the school community. I can’t write a magazine all by myself – so I’d like you to help!

As part of your home-learning, you could produce some articles to be included in the magazine. They could be about anything but to give you some ideas, I made a list of some things you could do:

  • An article about your favourite author / sporting star / superhero or historical figure.
  • A book, film or game review.
  • A feature about something you love doing; a hobby or interest.
  • A ‘How to make’ feature – where you share instructions for a creative idea that others could follow.
  • A report about something interesting that you’ve been doing at home.
  • A story or a poem you’ve written.
  • Some artwork or photos of what you’ve been doing.

These are just some ideas- I’m sure you could think of some even better things to include.

The only rules are :

  • Every article must be written by yourself and not copied from a book/magazine (adults are allowed to help).
  • All writing must be typed.
  • All artwork needs to be either sent as a scan or a photograph.
  • You must have the permission of everyone in a photograph before you share it.
  • You can produce as many articles as you like.


I hope this can be an ongoing project that will allow us to send out the magazine regularly! I think doing this would not only be a great home learning activity, but would also allow us to keep in touch with everyone in Drayton Junior School!

Please email all your articles and features to me at

I really hope you will all get involved. I can’t wait to read all your submissions!

Mr Silvester

PS) Parents – if you want to get involved and write something too, we’d love to hear from you!


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