PE and Sport Premium

Drayton Junior School PE and Sports Premium Development Plan 2015/16

Sports Premium Grant
Total number of pupils
Total amount of Sports Premium Grant (£8000 + £5 per pupil)

The PE and sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils. Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer. This means that they should use the premium to develop or add to the PE and sport activities that their school already offers and make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years. For example, they can use their funding to: hire qualified sports coaches to work with teachers; provide existing staff with training or resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively; introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport; support and involve the least active children by running or extending school sports clubs and holiday clubs; run sport competitions; increase pupils’ participation in the School Games; and run sports activities with other schools.

Objective Cost How this will be achieved. How this will be monitored. Impact (Measureable or visible)
Improve the quality of teaching and learning £2000 membership of WNDSSP (West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership).

£495 for realPE course.

£784 for supply cover.

Staff professional development (all except realPE provided ‘free’ by WNDSSP) to support staff to deliver high quality PE:

  • PE lead to attend days 3 and 4 of PE subject leader course.
  • Coach Ron supporting multi-skills teaching for all teachers in Year 6.
  • Half day tennis course (including equipment and resources).
  • PE instructor to attend Athletics (Run, jump throw) course with free resource book to be shared.
  • realPE observed in action by our PE instructor and PE coordinator.
  • realPE course for 1 Year 3 teacher (3 days) – develops fundamental movement skills (balance, agility and coordination) including social, cognitive, physical and creative learning and shifting the responsibility of learning on to the children.
  • Monitoring of PE lessons.
  • Football Association (FA) support for 4 teachers in teaching of football skills.
Improvement in PE lessons observed. Staff more competent in delivering lessons.
Increase participation in competitive sport. No cost for WNDSSP competitions and transport.

£3639 Supply cover for events.

£215 for coach hire for City sports athletics event.

Attend as many of the competitions organised by WNDSSP as possible, as well as city sports, cross country events and football leagues.

SEND children to attend Playground to podium event.

More opportunities for ‘pupil premium’ children to take part in events/competitions.

See highlights below. More children involved in competitions and improved results (see below).

36% of children (118 out of 329) participated last year. 52% (166 out of 322) this year.

New competitions entered this year – Tri golf (for children who haven’t competed for the school before); Playground to Podium festival (for children with SEN); and tennis.

Provide children with a broader experience of activities. £887


Whittlingham Lake – contribution towards watersports day for Year 5 children.

Sports coach utilised for cricket and tag rugby coaching – club and year 4s.

Child and teacher feedback. Teachers and children very positive about the experience.
Support all children to achieve 25m in swimming. £0 (Pool out of action). Extra sessions for children in Year 6 where needed. Record percentage of children achieving 25m. Not possible to give extra support due to pool being out of action, but will be continued next year.
Improve and maintain PE resources and equipment. £130 Storage box to keep some equipment outside (for ease of access) and equipment for sports day.

(Also used Sainsburys vouchers to buy new balls etc.)

Effective use of equipment. Enough equipment available. New equipment (and existing equipment) observed being used effectively in lessons.
Achieve School Sports Silver Award again. No direct cost. Award achieved. Achieved (July 2016).

Ongoing evaluation of Year 2015 – 16 – Highlights

  • Winners of sports hall boys Norfolk Competition, girls were runners up in WNDSSP finals.
  • Winners of dance competition at Norwich OPEN venue in June.
  • Team winners of WNDSSP cross country (20 children participated), 11 qualified for the County finals at Gresham School.
  • Cross country Norwich schools series – girls won, boys came 2nd.
  • Team winners of WNDSSP swimming gala where 3 children qualified for the County finals.
  • Playground to Podium event – 9 children with SEND participated.
  • Tri-golf event – 10 children participated.
  • Winners and runners-up in WNDSSP Mini-tennis competition (8 children participated).
  • Winners of Area sports athletics competition (involving over 65 children).
  • Winners of overall, boys, field and relay trophies at City Sports athletics competition.
  • Winners of WNDSSP ‘Healthy selfie’ competition and ‘Certificate’ competition.
  • Tag rugby – 2 teams competed.
  • Football tournaments and leagues (for year 5 and 6 girls, year 5 boys and year 6 boys).
  • Kwik cricket competition.
  • Year 6 organised sports activities of year 3s and helped at lower school sports day and tug of war. Year 5 helped at Infant school sports day. All year 3 children helped Year 2s at sports afternoon.

Monitoring shows

55% of children (177 out of 322) attending a school sports club this year.

44% of ‘pupil premium’ children (21 out of 48) entering inter-school event/competition.

37% last year (64 out of 172), 49% this boys (93 out of 189) entering event/competition.

36% last year (54 out of 151), 49% this year girls (73 out of 150) entering event/competition.

26% of children with SEND (9 out of 35) entering event/competition.

Future Plans
  • Further increase knowledge and confidence of staff in teaching of PE – continue using   opportunities for professional development, to be shared with all staff where possible and appropriate; Year 3 teachers to develop use of realPE with a particular focus on assessment (with a view to develop this for use with the whole school, and linking with First school to use their assessment data for children starting our school); and more monitoring of lessons (especially focused on assessment and differentiation) and support for teachers.
  • PE instructor and PE coordinator to attend realGYM course (and realDANCE course when available) and work together to improve teaching for all children in the school.
  • Continue to support children accessing a broader range of activities – Year 5 watersports day at Whittlingham lake and explore further opportunities.
  • Create and use a spreadsheet to more comprehensibly track all the children competing in events. Continue to collect data on pupils views of PE in the school.
  • Continue to ensure equipment and resources are maintained and improved – buy resources needed to support realPE etc.
  • Continue to develop sporting links with Infant and High Schools and local clubs.
  • Explore the possibility of extra sports clubs to engage more children (especially ‘pupil premium’ children). Baseline June 2016 177 children attending a school sports club regularly.
  • Improve children’s engagement with PE and healthy lifestyles. For example, by using ‘the Legacy Challenge’ award and/or the ‘Golden Mile’.
  • Explore the link between PE and whole school improvement.