At Drayton C of E Junior School assessment is central to good teaching and learning. Through effective assessment, teachers can plan a sequence of learning carefully matched to the needs of the children, ensuring that new knowledge is built on the solid foundations of retained prior learning. Staff use a wide range of on-going assessment techniques to continually monitor progress and to identify the learning needs of individuals.

In addition to these on-going assessments, children may also be required to complete mini check-up tests or quizzes. Many of these are carried out in class in a very informal manner, as part of everyday learning. These not only help staff to check which knowledge has been retained, but are also a great way for children to re-visit key concepts so that they become more secure in long-term memory.

More formal testing, using nationally standardised tests, takes place mid-year and again at the end of the year. The results of these tests, along with all the other assessment information gathered throughout the year, help teachers and school leaders to ensure children are on track with their learning as well as being used to plan the most effective next-steps in teaching.

The school also oversees the administration of any statutory, national tests. In the summer term, Year 4 children take part in the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC). During May of Year 6, children take the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Tests (Sats). They are tested in reading, GPS (grammar, punctuation, spelling) and maths, with a moderated teacher assessment in writing.

For more information on the school’s performance data please see the section on the website under the Information tab.