Mrs A ReadHeadteacher
Head of the school. School leadership and management, finance and the school environment, and pastoral care. Professional relationships with the Local Authority, School Governors and all other outside agencies, parents and the local community. Safeguarding. Leadership team member.

Ms E CopeDeputy Headteacher
Deputy for responsibilities above. Curriculum Leader. Co-ordinator for Assessment and Record Keeping. Leader of Teaching and Learning. Timetabling. Leadership team member. Year 5 teacher

Mrs A Lamb
Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator. Teaching & Learning Leader.
Leadership team member.

Mrs G Bond
Curriculum Responsibility for History and Humanities Lead. Year 3 class teacher.

Mrs S Brooks
Curriculum Responsibility for Art & Design Technology. Year 4 class teacher.

Mrs E Finch
Curriculum Responsibility for Physical Education. Year 6 class teacher.

Ms N Game
Curriculum responsibility for Mathematics. Year 6 class teacher.

Mrs H Hone
Curriculum responsibility for Reading. Year 4 class teacher.

Mrs A Howell
Curriculum responsibility for Religious Education. Year 5 class teacher.

Mrs L Innes
Curriculum responsibility for French, Spelling & Handwriting. Year 3 class teacher.

Mrs V Jacobs
Curriculum Responsibility for School Council, House Teams & Play Leaders. Year 3 class teacher.

Mrs S Lambourne
Curriculum responsibility for Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE). Year 5 class teacher.

Ms K Leigh
Curriculum responsibility for Music. Co-ordinator of peripatetic music teaching and extra-curricular music.

Mrs L Brosche
Curriculum responsibility for Geography, Eco & Outdoor Learning. Year 4 class teacher.

Mrs K Silvester
Curriculum responsibility for Physical Education. Year 6 class teacher.

Mr M Silvester
Curriculum responsibility for Computing. Year 3 class teacher.

Mrs T Woollsey
Curriculum Responsibility for Science. Year 6/7 Transition Year 6 class teacher.

Miss M Sabbar
Curriculum responsibility for Writing. Y5 teacher

Miss A Parker
Curriculum responsibility for Geography. Year 4 Teacher

Mr J Arden
PE Instructor

Plus Peripatetic Music Staff

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs T Harrison – High Level Teaching Assistant/ Team Lead

Mrs K Matthews – Senco Assistant/ High Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Smith – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Wells – Teaching Assistant

Miss S Moore – Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Lovett – Trip Co-ordinator

Mrs K Fulcher – Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Fulcher – Teaching Assistant/ELSA mentor

Mrs R Goodall – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Z Cordall – Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Lane – Teaching Assistant/ ELSA mentor

Mrs E Nemes – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Sawyer – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Clarke – Teaching Assistant

Ms A Clarke – Teaching Assistant

Ms H Marshall – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Fletcher – Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Wallace – Teaching Assistant

Office Staff:

Mrs E Davies – Finance Manager

Mrs A Terrington – School Office Secretary

Mrs J Hastings – School Office Secretary

Mrs C Hughes – Premises Manager

Premises Staff:

Mr A Smith – Caretaker

Mrs J Watts – Cleaner

Mrs Dorothy Rowe – Cleaner

Ms C Padwicke – Cleaner

Crossing Patrol:

Mrs Plane

Dinner Staff:

Mrs L Stansbury – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S Cullum – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs C Field – Senior Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Mrs R Hunter – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Miss Z Cordall – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Mrs L Plane – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Mrs S Hall – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Mrs R Goodall – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Mrs K Lane – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Mrs E Nemes – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Mrs C Wallace – Midday Meals Supervisor 

Mrs G Jennis – Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs L Clarke – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Ms A Clarke – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Ms H Marshall – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant