Houses and House Captains

At Drayton Junior School, we recognise the importance of working together as a team. For this reason, we promote house teams within our school. There are four houses: Blue Saxons, Red Romans, Yellow Normans and Green Vikings. The role of House (and Vice) Captain is ones of privilege, pride and responsibility. It is more than just a title and badge and requires dedication and commitment for an entire year.

Year 6 are given the opportunity to become House Captains. Every child in Drayton Junior School is in one of the four houses. We hold whole school elections to vote for the House Captains in September. The children prepare a speech and share reasons as to why they would like to be a House Captain and what they could offer to their house if successful. These speeches are shared during a whole school assembly. Pupils can then vote and, once collated, the results are announced!

The winning house captains take ownership of their role. They develop leadership skills for example by being given the opportunity to help lead school events such as sports days. In addition, the House Captains collect and collate house points and design competitions, e.g. for house logos and mottos.