School Council

At Drayton Junior School, we believe it is important for our children to have a voice and to know that their views and opinions count. Having a School Council is the perfect way to ensure that all children are given this opportunity. As well as being a way for pupils to share their views, the School Council also aims to make our school a safe, happy and fair learning environment to be a part of.

Our School Council Class representatives, who are elected by their peers, are a great group of pupils from Years 3-6. These pupils develop valuable skills in speaking and listening, debating, negotiating, budgeting and managing money. Members of the Council take part in discussions and feedback any relevant information to their class. At times, pupils will ask their class for ideas or take class votes relating to discussions by the Council.

In addition to Class Reps, the children vote for four Year 6 pupils to become School Council Officers. This role gives further opportunities for the children to develop leadership skills; to talk to and feedback to the Headteacher and staff; and to learn how to efficiently run and chair School Council meetings.

Our School Council are proud of their many achievements. For example, they organised a wonderful celebration for the Queen’s Jubilee and have raised money for Charities such as ‘Children In Need’ through non-school uniform and cake sales. Furthermore, the children have created their own competitions and have successfully raised funds for the school.

Here at Drayton Junior School we value the school community and environment. We work closely with the House Captains and Eco Council. Our School Council Reps love to show visitors around – we’re really proud of our school!