The School Day

8:35amPlayground gates open (no staff supervision)  
8:40amStaff supervision on the playground  
8:50amWhistle blows once to signal everyone to stop – second time to signal children to walk to their external classroom doors (where available) and enter the school building  
9:00amPlayground gates locked; registers ‘close’ at 9:00am (Anyone arriving after this time should report to the school office and will be marked ‘late’ in the register.) Morning session – Lesson 1  
10:00amCollective Worship 
10:15amMorning session – Lesson 2  
11:30amMorning session – Lesson 3  
12:30 – 1:30pmLunch break  
1:30pmAfternoon session – Lessons 4 & 5  
3:10pm  Afternoon session ends for all. Children leave school via their external classroom doors (where available) shortly after this time.

Before School

Children should not arrive at school before 8:35am unless an arrangement has been made with the Headteacher. Please note that there is no adult playground supervision until 8:40am.

Collection during the School Day

Parents/carers should report to the school office when collecting their child/ren during the school day. Children are not allowed to leave the premises without an accompanying adult during school hours.

If an adult who is not an emergency contact is collecting your child please ensure that the school is aware and that the school knows that you have given your permission. Safeguarding children is vitally important to us, therefore we are unable to send children home with the parents of other children unless you have given your permission.