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Online resource for parents/carers containing a wealth of with information, webinars and resources to support families with children and young people’s emotional health, including: anger, anti-bullying, bereavement, separation anxiety, self confidence, self esteem, building resilience and managing worries and anxiety.

An online resource to help parents/carers better understand anxiety in childrenyoung people, explore coping strategies, enabling children to become strengthened by their previous childhood experiences.

Find information about organisations that offer support to children, young people and their families.


Books to help the children with their feelings

The Colour Monster (The Colour Monster: Llenas, Anna: 9781783704231: Books)

How are you feeling today (How Are You Feeling Today?: A picture book to help young children understanding their emotions: Potter, Molly, Jennings, Sarah: 8601404301544: Books)

Book: A Volcano in My Tummy: Helping Children to Handle Anger: A Resource Book for Parents, Caregivers and Teachers (6-13 years)

A Volcano in My Tummy offers engaging, well-organized activities which help to overcome the fear of children’s anger which many adult care-givers experience. By carefully distinguishing between anger the feeling, and violence the behaviour, this accessible little book, primarily created for ages 6 to thirteen, helps to create an awareness of anger, enabling children to relate creatively and harmoniously at critical stages in their development.

Available to buy or download from Amazon:

Book: My Hidden Chimp (6-10 years)

My Hidden Chimp is an effective and powerful new educational book that offers parents, teachers and carers some ideas and thoughts on how to help children to develop healthy habits for life. The science behind the habits is discussed in a practical way with exercises and activities to help children think the habits through and start putting them into practice. The neuroscience of the mind is simplified for children to understand and then use to their advantage. 

By also explaining the developing ‘chimp’ brain in children, he shows us how 10 habits can help children to understand and manage their emotions and behaviour. These 10 habits should and can be retained for life.

While there are other book shops available, Amazon will then lead you onto other highly rated resources. 

Parent Talk 1:1 chat


Down-to-earth parenting advice you can trust. We’re on hand to support parents when you need us. Browse our articles on the most common parenting questions from our experts. Or talk one-to-one with a qualified parenting coach about anything that’s worrying you. It’s all free, and no topic is too big, small, or embarrassing.

Parenting Smart (Place2Be)


The children’s mental health charity, Place2Be, has launched a new website aimed at helping parents with typical situations they can find themselves in with their children.

Advice can be found on over forty topics.

Coping with Anger

Info: See leaflet attached.

If your child is feeling angry there are many ways that you can try to see what helps your child calm down. These are some tips and phrases that may find useful when you or your child is angry.



Info: See Positive Parenting guide attached.

We know how challenging it can be to balance all the demands that parents have to cope with (some tips to help).

Parent Workshops

Our psychology in schools team run a program of parent workshops throughout the year to provide up to date advice and guidance on how parents and carers can support the young people in their life. All the workshops are recorded for you to watch at any time. 

Use the hyperlinks below to find out more about the workshop and get the link to the video on YouTube:

Lumi Nova app

New free app for Norfolk families for children for aged 7-12 to help manage fears and worries.  Lumi Nova: Tales of Courage provides a fun, safe and engaging way for children and young people to tackle their worries head on so they can build resilience, gain confidence and thrive. Parents/Carers simply need to sign up and then download the app for their child to use. Find out more and sign up here:  #J1NLumiNova 

Activities for the children

Norfolk Community Directory


Norfolk Community Directory contains activities, services and groups to help all Norfolk residents live healthy, active and fulfilling lives. You should find something to help you, whether you want to: keep healthy, be sociable, physically active, mentally active, raise your aspirations for educational achievement, help your community, stay independent, feel included, get involved, improve your well-being, stay safe, find suitable care and support, find help looking after your children, or get family support.

Parental Separation

Legal Advice

Norfolk Community Law Service (NCLS)

NCLS can provide free 15 minute appointments

T: 01603 496623



Domestic Abuse

NIDAS are the front door to services in Norfolk.