At Drayton we aim to foster a whole school love of reading and writing. We recognise that reading is the keystone of learning and teach the children both to learn to read and to read to learn. We want all pupils to become enthusiastic and critical readers who are able to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings with confidence – both orally and in writing.  We value reading for pleasure highly and work hard as a school to grow a reading for pleasure culture.

Each year group has a core reading spine that includes high quality children’s literature. This ensures that children engage with high quality texts, delving deep into the texts’ characters and themes. We use a broad and balanced range of books to support teaching and provide cross-curricular links to a wide range of subjects based on the themes of the texts.

This approach to learning has seen the children’s engagement and enjoyment soar, evidence of which we have seen in the quality of their work.

Each classroom has an inviting reading corner that displays our core texts. Teachers read to all pupils so that they experience what it is like to enjoy and become immersed in a book. By listening to and talking about stories, children also encounter vocabulary they might not be able to read for themselves. This enables them to add to the store of words they know, thus building a strong foundation for comprehension and their own writing. 

The school’s library is a comfortable and inviting space, which the children have access to and can borrow books from to take home to read and enjoy. 

At school we follow Little Wandle’s phonics and reading approach supporting children to grow as confident readers who enjoy reading for pleasure.

Your child will be heard individually, in small groups and as a whole class. Reading sessions focus on decoding, prosody (fluency and expression) and comprehension skills. Phonic lessons are taught daily and decodable reading books are available for the children to read at school and at home. Reading books are changed according to the child’s needs.   

Additional decodable reading books can be accessed at home using our eBook system.

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